Friday, March 04, 2011

As expected

We headed out this morning around 8, with no gratin going on - it was destined to be another low water White River adventure with my uncles. We headed for bull shoals dam in search of the big fish the river is legendary for. Legends are the things urban myths are made of. Like the one about vampires and is the one about monster trout in the white river! We had about 2 hours of boat fishing as they did generate enough to get the boat out, but spent most of the day fishing slack water with a a small midge under a small indicator catching small trout. At least there was quite a bit of sight fishing going was juts to small trout which are better than small whitefish I guess.
All in all it was a fun day and I'm looking forward to seeing some new water tomorrow and maybe some higher flows too. It's fishing, so it's always a good thing. Conditions are always hard to predict so you make the best of what you have and always hope for more but try not to get disappointed if reality falls short of your imagination.
As always on these trips to Arkansas, I always end up being reminded of how much I really just love to fish. Sure I'm always hopeful that a piggy is going to eat my junk, but at the end of the day it's that sense of freedom that I only get to experience while standing in a river that has lead me down this road. A journey I am grateful for being able to take and always look forward to what's around the next bend.

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Larry from Texas said...

A fishing guide once told me that the white fish are part of the trout family.