Sunday, March 06, 2011

Wrapping it up

It rained pretty hard the night before last so the water was slightly off color yesterday - more of a greenish color - so no big deal. However, there was still no generation so the water was low and slow. We were hopeful that the little bit of color would get some of the bigger fish moving around, maybe chase some streamers or get on the worm bite. Didn't work out that way as they still wanted midges for the most part, but the water was dirty.
I've always done pretty well in dirty water - here 2 feet of visibility is considered dirty - as fish just seem to be more comfortable and dirty water brings a flush of food with it. So I threw streamers most of the day and got a dozen or so fish in the 12-15 inch range which ws better than the 20 or so 8-10 inchers I would've gotten with the middling over slow water.
We fished down around an area known as Rim Shoals near Cotter. This is one of a few catch and release areas on the river, has good access and some great water. Lots of buckets in between the bedrock shelves and riffle after riffle for bout 1/2 a mile. Great water, and worth a day or two of messing around with if you're ever here.
The guides get pretty focused on numbers or size and being as the size requires the right conditions...seems like they are usually worried about the numbers. We told them yesterday we'd just assume fish something different and let be what it is. Worked out well as the other guys got some good numbers and we all got to fish something that we normally don't fish.
All in all it was a good trip for me except I didn't get much photography accomplished or any big fish. Great BBQ, scenery, and hanging out though. Plus I didn't email our web dudes once the whole trip and things back home seem to be running well.
I head home tomorrow and then head to Mexico next weekend for spring break with the family in Ixtaxpa. That trip is mostly family time with my parents and kids...wife too...But I do have a day booked for Roosterfish on the fly and there is supposedly good fish in on the beach where we are staying for small Jacks and the odd rooster.
I did fish with the new Orvis Access rods and reel this trip as well which I'll review next week.

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