Monday, March 21, 2011

Back in MT

Got home toady after a terrific spring break holiday with my family at a Club Med in Ixtapa, Mexico. It was a great little resort for families and we never did get that uneasy feeling that you worry about in Mexico these days.  Won't bore everyone with the details, but it was a great trip with the family.

I did fish one day - which I wrote about a few days ago - so you can look back for a sucked so you're not missing any fish porn! A couple of things about the trip though are worth mentioning. I only had one day to fish and I found a guy named Ed Kunze on the web after one of the Yellow Dog guys recommended I try to get hooked up with a Mexican guide named Adolfo out of Zihuatanejo.

Ed is an American that has been living there fro 14 years now and basically works an interpreter/guide for inshore (and bluewater) fly-fishing. He can also just work as a booking agent if you prefer to save some $ and spend all day with a Mexican captain. I opted for the more expensive option ($350) which basically covered gear and Ed pretty much tries to tell the captain how to work the boat for a fly angler and provides useful information and conversation throughout the day. It worked out great and I'd highly recommend looking Ed up if you get to that part of the world.

The fishing world - especially those of us that seem to think about fish more than seems rational - is full of characters and I've had the pleasure of meeting my share over the years. Fishing for some is a fleeting passion that will be replaced in time by family commitments, financial demands, or the call of some other recreational activity - but there are some that is just who they are. People that live to fish and fish to live are the "salt of the earth" in my book.

I don't envy the dude with the straight brim Volcom hat and tats of dancing brown trout ale, drinking a PBR while chucking a 9 weight to trout on whatever river you want. I know I'm getting old and I hate to bitch about all those young whipper snappers out there...but's what old guys do!

I've learned a lot in life - probably not any more than anyone else - but it always seems that things finally start to make sense the older I get. It's always a pleasure to meet someone that is into fishing for the fishing. To share the anticipation of the next cast. I couldn't tell you either way if Ed is an expert at what he does, but I can tell you that he enjoys what doing what he does and that makes him do it well. So, it really was a good day on the water casting a massive schools of Jacks that were all on a diet that day.

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