Friday, March 18, 2011

Update from Mexico

I've been in Ixtapa, Mexico the last few days hanging out with my family. Here with Christine, my two sons (Alex & Matty) and my parents for spring break vacation. The trip has been going well with a whole lot of fun in the sun time, playing in he surf and pools. Maybe chacking out a few girls in bikinis too.

I fished one morning at sunrise on the beach in front of the resort. There were lots of Pelicans dinving and moving bait around so I was hopeful. Ended up cathching a few very small Jacks of some sort. By small I mean less than 10 inches! But it was fun and they were some cool looking little fish but the action was such that I don't think I'll do it again!

I fished with a guide yesterday and it was the typical thing in that I thought we were going to try for Roosterfish and then try some other stuff if that wasn't working. End up that there aren't any Roosters around here right now - it's more of a summer thing in these parts. So we went out looking for Jack Crevallies in shore. We found them, and i mean lots of them. There were several times when we were on schools that were over 100 yards long and 40 yards deep. The fish looked big to me and the guide said they were all 20-30 pounds. I'll never know as we didn't hook any. The guide tried a bunch of hardware junk too, but they just weren't eating which I guess is rare for Jacks. That's my luck though. Still pretty amazing to see that many big fish at one time. Saw lots of sea turtles and some porpoise too. So, it was fun, the guide seemed pretty good, and I got to see something new. Some days I get to be the nail too.

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