Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Okie dokie day. I opted to break the with the standard rules today and try something a little more off the beaten path as the boat didn't seem wise with the weather and the probability of wind. Plus my client wanted to try some new water. Well, the plan was to go wade the Boulder around Big Timber for a few hours and then hopefully find some rising fish on the Yellowstone in the afternoon once the midges got going.
So we nymphed the Boulder for a few hours this morning and it was good enough. We really just got fish out of one hole, tried a bunch of different water and kept going back to the same run where we'd get a few fish. Ended up being pretty good by lunch. Worms and eggs. Tried a lot of different bugs but they wanted the junk more than anything else. One note on the day was that the Didymo is pretty bad on the Boulder, something that I recall being there last spring as well. Bad enough to where he had crap on his flies pretty much after every drift. I felt like I was on the Mararoa a few times today.
We headed to the Yellowstone after lunch and found tow interesting things. One was a pod of fish eating midges  which quit eating midges as soon as found them. The other was F&G was shocking the river and the dude doing the netting looked pretty busy.
Ok so here's one of those things I shouldn't talk about. We headed back towards Livingston with the plan of trying to find some rising fish around town. The wind was blowing 30 in town, it was 3 pm so I decided to try to go find a nymph run and call it a day. My though was to go down near the mouth of the Shields. Ended up fishing the Shields and it was money with one honest 22" brown to make for a happy ending to a weird day. Golden stone nymph,

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