Friday, March 11, 2011

The Wind & the Lower

Steven and I went out today for a few hours on the lower - which shows once again that I have little or no sense. The forecast was spot on and it was windier than hell so we had little hope for much in the way of midge dries. Nymphing was really good - so good that it was actually really really good - and that's no BS. They were eating the crap out of the crayfish. Nothing big but lots of hookups and a nice steady breeze to remind me of why I don't mess with the boat this time of year.
FWP was shocking from Warm Springs to Cherry Creek but I doubt they'll be out there this weekend so it's certainly worth a go and hopefully they keep on eating crayfish.
I have a 6 am flight tomorrow with my 12 year old and 4 years old, looking forward to it. Nothing like going to the airport at 5 am with a kid dressed up like Supeman but that will be me in the morning. Christine conveniently had to go to San Fran fro some meetings and is meeting up with us in Dallas on Sunday. Then the whole clan is heading to Ixtapa for spring break - I plan on doing some fishing for Roosterfish and Jacks while I'm there. So, it might be light for awhile!

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