Monday, March 14, 2011

Update from Mexico City

I'm hanging out in the Mexico City aiport as we await our flight to Ixtapa on Mexico's west coast. I'm always amazed at how little Spanish I actually speak. We had a little bit of stress as we tried to switch terminals, 4 year old in tow, but all is well. Should be fishing on a beach in a few hours, but will probably be sleeping instead.
There is supposed to be decent fishing right off the beach where we are staying for small jacks in the evenings and mornings. I brought a 7 wt for this and am going to give one of the new tropical outbound lines from Rio. These lines basically have a very heavy head with what amounts to a running line so they are typically great for quickly getting some distance out. In the few times I've flyfished in the surf, the biggest issue has always been getting that first 40 feet of line or so out past the incoming breaking waves. I think this line shoud work be the trick for this so we'll see.

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