Monday, April 04, 2011

New guage on Madison

I may have had my head in the proverbial sand while this was going on...but good news for all of us Boz Angelinans that head over to the Upper Madison on a regular basis. The USGS has a new streamflow guaging station near Varney.  I saw it in the Chronicle yesterday and checked online this am and it is up.

The significance is that we'll have a better idea of water conditions up there now. The current station we use is at the Old Kirby Place near the mouth of the West Fork. The problem for us has always been that the water up from there is generally controlled or more influenced by Hebgen Dam than the stretches we primarily fish. This is going to be most helpful during the runoff as we'll know be able to see the flow contributions coming in from the tribs like Indian Creek, the West Fork, Ruby and others. Before and after high flows...probably won't be too significant of a difference as these tribs have minimal impact for most of the year. It's good thing.

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