Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Costco Fly Shop

I was having a chat with some folks in the fly fishing industry today and was asked if I had gotten my pro deal put together at Costco. That took me off guard and the response was something to the effect of go google sage and simms and Costco. So I did and low and behold there it was...Costco selling Simms and Sage...wtf? A quick trip to the local Costco revealed the rod and some no name waders...I was dumbfounded.

Well, it turns out there is much more to the story than meets the eye. No...Sage and Simms are not the evil doers here. There's a very revealing story about the whole thing online through one of the fly fishing industry magazines. So, when you go to Costco and see that Sage Zero Axis...keep this article in mind before you buy.

I've done more than my fair share of shopping at Costco over the years but their action on this matter really brings to mind the kind of company they are and I don't want to do business with them anymore. I'll trust that everyone can read the article and draw their own conclusions here. I know that I won't be renewing my membership (which always drives me crazy anyway...paying for the ability to shop somewhere...whatever...done) and my dogs are going to have to learn to eat some other brand of dog food.

I know they have good products and bulk shopping is great for a lot of folks...but just imagine how nasty they must be to their suppliers and vendors if they would go to these lengths for a one-time shot at selling some high end fly fishing gear.

I wonder how they're going to handle rod repairs? If I were a Sage dealer...I would refer everyone with a broken 905-4 Zero G to Costco from here on out. But I'm not, but I'd think it would be worth the Sage repair fee to watch the customer service folks try to sort that one out in 3 years.

I could go on and on about this one for awhile. I'd like to blame Sage and Simms, but they really got screwed on this one and have handled it well. Simms especially should be commended for the way they've handled it...ouch. The retail world - especially in boutique businesses has really changed the last 5 years - it's refreshing to see a manufacturer step up to the plate for the good of their partners and customers and not look for some quick cash that ultimately takes value away from their goods and services.

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