Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just wrapped up a few days with a great group of guys from Texas. Paul and I worked it over pretty well and had some pretty solid fishing each day. Nothing out of the world, but nothing terrible either. Just getting some hungry fish here and there.

Have two more days up here this week, back up Monday - next Saturday and things chill out again for a few days then back up here and then going to Alaska for a week and then back at it through September. I really like my job a lot this time of year...wonder how I'll feel around Columbus Day?

Yesterday was miserable and wet but today was much nicer and I rocked the JB love hat just to ward off any evil residual mojo that might be lingering in the hammer. I got some double takes for sure but no one tried to pick a fight with me either. Craig is that kind of place, easy to get into a fight that is. A bunch of guides and drunks lingering around...its kind of like No Exit by Sartre...the town that is. I guess it's not that bad, I'm just jaded by the good life of 4-corners.

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Asian Carp said...

that hat is all you. if you can combine that with the wader/fanny pack/blue buff look Dr.G had going you will be an all-star.