Thursday, May 26, 2011


 Don't know what was different about today but something was and the fish liked it. The weather was pretty much crap with gusts in the 30's I would guess. Rained and got sunny and was busy with boats but the fish ate all day in every type of water on just about every drift, and we didn't really row around a bunch. Purple Juju Baetis for me but I know other guys were getting 'em good on worms and firebeads too so I guess they were just hungry today,

Went back out for a late float with the guys here at Cross Currents in Craig and they were still eating. Hopefully the wind settles and they're still hungry because it was simply on today.

One more day and the back to Bozone for the weekend, hopefully some family time and work time too. Sounds like the shop has been uber-busy with the free reel promo winding down and trying to point folks out to fishable water. Our fly fishing 101 class is full up this weekend too. So thing see to be moving right along as the season fast approaches

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