Saturday, May 21, 2011

Life Is Good

Enjoying the weekend back in Bozeman with my wife and kids although it seems like all I've been doing the whole day is trying to get this kind of crap done so that I can hang out with them!

The store is getting filled up with new inventory pretty much everyday and it looks different to me every time I go in there (which has not been often the last month). We just got a huge fly box order, t-shirts, wading boots, waders, rods, reels, and new fly lines too. Should be pretty well set by end of June in terms of having our complete lineup in stock for the season.

If you didn't know, the Tattoo shop next door is officially gone! Great for us in that we are getting more space, more parking, and a much better ambiance overall. We'll miss playing fetch with the Pit Bulls, checking out strippers, and will no longer duck down when some dude pulls up in a low rider and runs in next door screaming about whatever! It was great entertainment but it's time to get serious now. The irony is that I've decided to get a tattoo since they left!

Have a couple more weeks of bookings up on the Missouri to keep me away from the shop and out of everyone's way. Thanks to everyone that has fished with me this year up there and I hope everyone felt like it was "as advertised." I could get really sappy here and tell you all that I love you but you already know I do! Thank you for trusting me/us with your hard earned dollars to try to make for a productive and enjoyable fly fishing trip.


tb. said...

and we Love you too, TS. Enjoy the hat and stay clean. You look healthier and happier than i have ever seen you.

karen said...

Thanks for taking care of my man and my friends! They had a blast! If you haven't gone on a fishing expedition with Toby Swank you need to book a trip.