Friday, May 20, 2011

Week's End On the MO

Just arrived home for a quick weekend refresh and recharge and then back to Craig next Monday morning. Flows came up a bit more today and are hopefully going to stabilize for awhile. It's finally time for longer leaders and more weight as the flows are now at 15000 cfs...almost optimal.

Had a great week with great guests and fishing that varied from as good as it gets somedays to ok on the others. Looking forward to the next few weeks of fishing high water.

So, what did I learn this week? I learned that bald men can wear visor wigs and still look pretty cool. Painter caps are supposedly the next big thing. I get panicky when I use my last knight krawler. Trout eggs taste like tangerines. I need a new anchor. I found 2 new high water hammer spots. Fly fishing is a lifetime sport. I feel old sometimes. I shouldn't complain about living in Montana. I'm probably not a very good wrestler. Rick is alright. Canadians are alright. Never drop too low in a row around hole when you can't see who's coming. The groove in my left incisor is about the size of 3x now. A single pack tin of AB spit shot lasts me a week. Some people don't mind hooking anchor ropes and kicking out boat plugs while fish. Missouri River Rainbows average 17-18" and I'm really good at catching the 1% of the population of hatchery fish that come over the Holter Dam.

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