Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Muddy Bubbles

 I guess I shouldn't have been surprised but I was nevertheless. One would thing that 10000 cfs of clean water would'nt be too impacted by 700 cfs of muddy water. I was wrong to a point but worked out a nice workaround for the day. After a day and a half of rain, the local tribs up here on the Mo were all puking brown goo this morning and generally making a mess of the water. There was good water down to California Island but after that the clarity diminished quickly and the left side of the river was shot all the way down I imagine to the Dearborn but definitely to Stickney. Good new is that the tribs are all dropping again and they are releasing more water out of the Dam so things will settle back down quickly. This first big push of water should have cleared out all the loose trees and debris and got the majority of the rainbows back in the main channel. So, today was more surprises than anything as we ended up having some great weather and great fishing too. Not as good as 2 days ago, but better than yesterday. We'll see what happens tonight and tomorrow and work our plan out based on what shakes out.
Our plan today was to get on a WC well before anyone else, put the wood to fish in a few places and then move on down, fishing here and there to Stickney. We ended up racking em up in a few spots and then headed to the barn for a mid-day siesta. Headed back out late afternoon for a few more hours and another 10 fish or so in the net Dead Gray Gay Rays and Hotbead Tan Sowbugs were the mainstays with an occasional and persistent worm appearance throughout the day as well.

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