Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday May 28

Spent a few hour sin the shop this morning trying to get caught up on some things. We've been getting some really big orders in the last couple of weeks and there's always a tendency to want to get more stuff in anticipation of the season. Problem is that the season is really a month or so away yet.

Watch the news or read the paper and floods are the main topic right now. Look at the mountains and there's more snow now than there was in January or February throughout most of last decade. So patience is the name of the game right now, but we still have a lot of new stuff. The guys in the shop have been making my life in Craig pretty worry free though, so there isn't too much that I have to take care of when I am back in town.

We're waiting for the tattoo dude to get his stuff out of the space next door so that we can start doing some work in there, get some new signage, add a fence to the front and get the backside of the building cleared out of Pit Bull crap. Should happen this week and hopefully will have some storage and office space by next week,

I did fish a little today though. Took a drive out the the lower to check out visibility and admire some water other than the Craig ditch for a change. The lower is muddy with about a foot, maybe less of visibility. I would liken it to a very weak mixture of Nestle Quick with a regular sized serving of Metamucil. So...dirty but not as dirty as Cherry Creek. I fished from the bank in a couple of spots with a Dead Drift Crayfish and a worm and picked up a couple small fish while Christine and Matty stood in my backcast so I thought I did pretty well for an hour or so of casting.

YNP opened today too.

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