Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Week Comes to an End

Just got back home to Bozeman from another week up on the Mo. Had a good fishing a couple of days and outstanding fishing a few of the days. Head back up there on Monday morning for another week.

We've got some major flooding and flood potential going on around the state which has me a little spooked and feeling for our downstream neighbors. Saw a picture of Roundup in the paper this evening and it's pretty hard to imagine the Musselshell with that much water.

As a result of some of the flood potential, dam releases out of Holter have been dropped a little over the last day . It's still raging high but fish always seem to eat better on a drop rather than a rise and that's certainly been the case the last 2 days up there.

I've fell in love with the Juju Baetis in purple this year as my go to little bug and it's really been my best fly the last few weeks. I know a lot of guides are sticking wire worms and firebeads and getting them just fine and I go back and for the depending on the water we're fishing, but that little bug has been hot.
Pulled a red Gamakatsu hook with a glass bead about 8 inches up from it out of a fish today. I can't believe that I'm saying it but I think that is dirtier than even I could fish. If you're going to use the glass beads, make sure they are only an inch or so above the fly so that the fish end up getting hooked or snagged in the mouth...not on their sides, belly, or eyes.

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