Monday, May 30, 2011

What Can I Say?

Great day today with the good chap from the UK as we opted for a play date instead of a work day on account of absolute crap weather. Good news is that the rest of the week is supposed to be pleasant enough and I'm heading up to the Mo in the morning through Saturday. Things did not look so good as we headed up over the Bozeman Pass to Ennis.
So, today we headed for the Upper Madison as I was more curious about the water conditions than anything. The lower was still on the brown side of dirty but the upper was more green than brown, but high. I was surprised at the color in Ennis - it looked Zonkerific with a couple feet of vis and green.

We ended up by Pine Butte and had a good enough day on worms and micro mayflies for a few hours out on the stream. Had the water to ourselves and just focused on soft seams at the bottoms of islands and found some fish in just about every one of them. The water was much better than I had expected...kind of wish I had the boat as I would think that zonkers and worms along the banks has got to be pretty good right now up there.

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