Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My day started around 4:45 or so this morning - watching the sun come up without a cloud in the sky. Something unusual as of late. I headed up to Craig for another week on the MO, enjoying the drive and the sights. There was a dense fog on the ground and along the river bottoms heading out this morning. Didnt' really get any good photos but it was really nice just the same. I like watching the sun come up over the Bridgers!

So, got up here and we fished Dam - Craig today with pretty good success. The water seemed more down than it really is and I think fish were maybe spooking a little from the boat around mid-day. We stuck with it and worked it out, picking up fish here and there before committing to the dirty side of the river and getting 'em out of the worm runs. All in all it ended up being a very good day, ended up finding some rain towards the evening.

I really feel the need to go off on something but there just isn't really anything to complain about right now. I've had a great run up here the last month with a ton of great folks - both on the stick and as people too. It's pretty cool watching people light up when one of these fish up here go for a run and it's even cooler when the get it to the net. Life is good.

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