Saturday, June 11, 2011

 Packing and sorting out gear today. Trying to decide how much fishing crap, camera crap, and clothes crap I need for a week. I must say that I'm spooked by the prospects of rain and running out of dry clothes after the first day. Don't want to over pack, but want to be comfortable. Looks like the lodge (Kulik) does not have much in terms of wifi or computers so I think I'm going to travel light in the electronics world for a change.
I'm taking a 907 CD rod I picked up in NZ a few years ago (forgot I had it) and a 966 Helios, a few reels, and lots of streamers with hopes of fishing a dry or two along the way. A camera, couple lenses, tc, grip, filters, and a hard drive. Minimalist by my standards!
Changing topics now. I bought a new rod rack for the inside of the burban a month or so ago up in Craig. Liked it so much that I opened an account with the company (Innos) that makes them and ordered in a few. The rack really is well made, rattle free (rod tips vibrate against each other now and then but not too bad), easy to get rods in and out, and the rods sit up pretty high against the ceiling so they are pretty much out of the way. Takes an hour or two to assemble, but the instructions are very good. We're selling them online for $189 - $199 but the price is $50 less if you buy it in the shop (we offer free shipping on purchases over $50 online but these things cost us over $50 to ship so we built in the freight to the online price).

And another thing... my wife is a research professor at MSU in microbiology...sort of. Anyway, she studies micro bugs that live in harsh environments (ice). So , she does a lot of work in Antarctica and is typically gone for a month or two in the winter. She was invited to participate in a project this summer (right now) on the ice fields in Greenland. She's over there in the middle of nowhere on some huge ice field sleeping in a tent and playing with GPS units. She's got a sat phone and I guess they could use smoke signals if they really needed to get word out to someone. Anyway, it's pretty cool stuff and you can follow their whereabouts on their tracking beacon.

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