Friday, June 10, 2011


 Back home in Bozeman for the weekend...the weather will probably be delightful. Hope so as we really need all that snow in the mountains to come on down in a hurry. We get busy around here in 2 weeks and I am hopeful that the Madison will at least have a foot or so of visibility by then. It usually fishes pretty well once the flows are on the downside of high and it picks up a little bit of viz. So, hoping for that to happen by the. No way we'll be seeing the Yellowstone until early August and the Gallatin is probably after July 4th at the soonest.
Had a great 5 or 6 weeks up on the Missouri with lots of great folks. I think everyone had some great fishing at least one day on their trips with us up there. Many had very good fishing everyday, but we definitely had some crap weather along the way.

It's not that the fish don't eat in the rain and wind, it's just hard to get the drifts and remain positive when you're soaked through and freezing. I'm amazed at how "tough" many folks are as there were several days along the way in which I would have said..."I'm good, let's call it a day." The tug is the drug and we are all fiends in our own ways I suppose.

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