Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day One Kulik

Well, they do have internet here...it's just not real fast. Tried to upload some images but it was going to take awhile.

So, anyway, we had an ok day in terms of fish but a great time. It's beautiful here - with the exception of the weather of course which is much like Montana has been the last few weeks. The day started off early for me as I mis judged the time last night and set my alarm for 4:45 which ended up being 3:45 but I didn't realize it until what I thought was 5:15 but really 4:15. I was dressed, showered, and waiting for my dad in teh airport lobby thinking where the hell is he...sleeping it turns out.

We had a nice flight out to the lodge with intermittant veiws of gray nothingness and the occasional dramatic landscape views too.

We fished the Kulik river for about a half day today. Water temps are around 42 and there aren't that many fish up in the river yet. It's a very short stretch of water between two lakes, so the fish move in and out of it depending on conditions. Does not sound like the fishing has been red hot. I landed a Rainbow that was about 5lbs (they measured it at 23.5") and a Lake Trout (Mackinaw) which was pretty but not mcuh of a fight. Lost one other Rainbow. Sex Dungeons.

We'll do fly outs the next 5 days and it should be fun. Had a bear hanging out by the stream most of the day and took a ton of pics, not sure if any turned out or not. It was very chill.

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