Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 2 Kulik

We fished the Moraine river yesterday and it pretty much sucked. I have now lost all of my sex dungeons and circus peanuts and it's only day 2! I didn't bring that many to begin with but the fish have seemed to like them well enough.

The rivers in this area are primarily sockeye run rivers. So this is the heart of summer bead fishing. I guess many of these rivers will have in excess of 40-50 anglers on them a day in August. I couldn't imagine flying into some remote river to fish with 50 other people. Don't care how many or how big the fish would be...not worth it...especially at AK prices. Luckily for us, there aren't many other anglers around right now...or fish for that matter!

We'll see how she goes today. A big high pressure moved in late yesterday afternoon and it is absolutely perfect out now. Warm and sunny which is supposedly what we need to get the sockeye fry moving back to the ocean. Once that happens, the rainbows really start to move into the rivers and it's almost like fishing dries. Right now, it has been swinging streamers on sinking lines and the odd fish here and there.

Best part has been hanging with my dad. Fishing just makes life better.

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