Thursday, June 23, 2011

The day started off with a plan that quickly ended up not being the plan we started with. We've heard some ok reports from the lower Madison so thought we'd go check the upper out to get a game plan for some upcoming trips.

The upper was as dirty as I've ever seen it in Ennis, so that wasn't going to happen. There is some fishable stuff up above the West Fork and down the right side of the river for awhile. Problem is that the river is very high and I wasn't sure if we could get a boat under the Sun West Bridges. Raynolds is not hard boat appropriate right now. So, back to the lower for a quick bomb down.

It actually fished well enough along the banks and there was 1.5' of viz or so. My only worry is that all that muddy ass water in the upper will work it's way though Ennis Lake without settling. If that  happens, the lower will fish for another day or two at most.

No fry fishing today?

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