Friday, June 24, 2011

A Difference A Day Makes

Crazy day today started off by seeing some guides on the river that I didn't even know guided anymore. I don't see everyone all the time but there were two guides out there that I thought had given up on trying to catch fish...this was not the day to be practicing!
The lower went up 1500 cfs and with that increase in flows came down every tree, stump, weedpatch, scrape wood, antifreeze bottle, sandal, and more that has been sitting in the bushes along the banks for the last 10 years. There was some junk coming down and the water clarity virtually disappeared. We got 7 fish today and I felt lucky to get them! We're taking them up to the MO tomorrow as it will at least fish alright despite the high flows. I love that ditch when it's pumping!
 I don't get to go though as I have to stay home and watch the kids as my wife doesn't get back from Greenland until next Friday.
Also, I scored some free shuttles today as Bob's truck broke down and he had to use my burban to finish up his runs today!
So, the lower Madison is junk right now and it will either settle down in the next day or two or it will be a wreck for a couple of weeks. Who knows?

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