Saturday, June 04, 2011

Happy Day

 Hard to imagine that yesterday was 45 and rainy all day after today's nearly perfect day in the mid-70's with just a stitch of wind. I'm back home tonight and will be around town for a few days.
Christine is heading to Greenland on Monday for a month of uber-smart people research on some polar ice cap micro-organisms. And I think my job is interesting! I can't even pronounce most of what she actually studies.
I head back to the MO wed-fri next week and then off to AK for a week of fishing Rainbows with my dad. Get back from that and we're solid on the books for a few months around SW Montana with a few outings for western MT too.
Today was a bit tougher day up in the dam-craig section, ended up with around 30 fish but they didn't lose too many and made the most of the bite. It was very busy up there today -which coupled with my neglect to use my nicotine patch this morning - made for a stressful late morning. The shuttle dudes hooked me up though and no one was hurt too badly. Just imagine me tweaking out while rowing up and down a run with boat after boat coming in on top of us. My clients were very patient with me!
Ahhhhh breath they were saying.

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