Thursday, June 16, 2011


An abreviated term for a nuclear wind, which was today. High pressure moved in bringing clearer skies and a brisk breeze out of the east. Fished some river today called something chak. Was a nice stream lined with woodland/tundra. Saw a good number of smaller bows and lakers, got a few of each. Found one more sex dungeon and haven't lost it yet.

My arm feels like Hulk Hogan just did one of those moves where he picks the dude up and body slams his elbow. I've eaten about 47 Advil in the last 24 hours so I am getting through the pain. Kind of crazy how throwing a 250gr 25' sink tip with an intermdeiate running line will completley destroy one's shoulder. It's a good pain though!

Going out tonight too which is really just later today as the night really doesn't exist here right now.

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