Wednesday, June 01, 2011


 With a breakfast like could I not have had a great day? Yeah man, that's a Jimmy Dean frozen Ham and Cheese omelet with a side of Jimmy Dean precooked turkey sausage smothered in Hormel (no beans) Chili. Nuke it all for 2:30 and delicious.
Then we headed up to the dam where we found a mid morning snacky snack of Tangerine mini puffs. Those were good too.

Then later on in the day while discussing the quality of meals at Rosies Bar I realized why I like baby geese so much and I started to wonder. Veal is kind of a touchy subject with folks. I see both sides of the argument and try to stay neutral. By neutral I mean it's not something that I'll cook, but feel kind of obligated if I'm at a restaurant and see it on the menu. Rosies has Chicken Fried Veal. That got me wondering about Geese. A Gander is usually not the most sought out table fare in the wild game world...some people love them but then some people like liver too. Well, you never really hear about people eating bulls either. If you take away the all the bad stuff with veal and just look at it from a food side...everyone would have to agree it's pretty tasty, maybe immoral...but tasty.  So, I bet baby geese are pretty yummy too...Fuzzy Veal is my new term for baby geese.
Fuzzy Veal
The fishing today? It was really good all day. Good enough that my mind wondering around in circles a few times and I pondered the ethics of marketing and producing Fuzzy Veal. The Mo was much cleaner today and we were getting fish on the left side just about 1/2 a mile down below Prickly Pear. Not crystal clear by any means but as good as it's been in 2 weeks.  We're heading down lower in the morning to check it out, would love to get on some new water but it's just been really good for awhile now below the dam so it's hard to get away from it.

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