Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some days

It's been a couple of tough days around here and that's just how it is. The rivers and streams are pretty well shot at this point, but that could improve anyday...kind of depends on what the dam drivers do in terms of the Madison.

I had a couple of my guides go up to the MO yesterday while the flows were up above 21000 cfs. We did not get any good reports up there from yesterday and it sounded like the water coming over the spillway was dirty. I've never actually seen that water dirty before. I think that there is just so much water running through all those dams that the mud just isn't settling in the upper reservoirs as usual. Who knows?

I went for a drive yesterday over in Paradise Valley to scope for some clean water, didn't find any but did find some muddy water on the Yellowstone!
Guided on MZ Ranch today and found it to be tough as always with the exception that some of the big fish were eating for a change. We broke one nice fish off and landed 2 (between the 3 anglers and 2 guides) that were 23" and about as pretty as brown trout get. Got a few smaller fish, missed some. Little bit of a PMD hatch started right when the wind picked up. So it was small pt nymphs on 6x about 3 feet under a to spotted fish. Pretty sweet day to be honest.
same fish

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