Monday, July 25, 2011

The Dream

 Woke up this morning wearing yesterday's clothes with thoughts of the insanity of yesterday. Pure and simple madness in the pursuit of trout. We are supposed to run the other part of the group on a little creek tomorrow, but I decided that I am not qualified and it was just too unsafe. So, we are going on a 36 mile hike in the morning...what could go wrong?

No it's not that long, but there is a lot of poison ivy there. It's supposed to be hot and windy, should make for ideal conditions.

This guiding thing s can sometimes seem like on of those roller coasters that just never stops. Overall it's great, can't imagine doing anything else. When it hits the fan, it seems to just keep coming sometimes. There is chaos all around and the only place for quiet is once the anchor comes up and the rows start to dig. Then, the thermostat and over booking issues just don't seem so pressing. Just fish and fishing.

Don't know how many more years my body will be able to handle it though. I get sad thinking that's the inevitable. So, one more walk, one more row around, and hopefully one more big fish.

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