Monday, July 25, 2011

Hell's Half Acre - Beautiful Place

 In the middle of a 6 day jaunt through central Montana right now. Not really out in BFE, but a few day trips into nowhere land. It's a good thing that trout live in pretty places. We'll be on the MO today, so should be an easier day.
Yesterday was just amazing, lots of work, but really an experience that none of us will forget. Fishing was great and the scenery even better. Flows were lower on the magic stream than the last tie I did it and the rowing was challenging at best. We had to line the boats through a couple of runs, did a little inadvertent swimming, and bounced around like a pinball on some rocks.

Got back over to the MO last night and found Rick on the side of the road with his hood up. So, after trying to get that sorted, which we never did, ended up getting back to camp around 10:30, took some vitamin A and crashed. Woke up in my clothes with my buff still on.

And the day starts.

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