Friday, July 01, 2011

Pay to Play and It Sucks

Thought we had a slam dunk today with 6 guests and 3 guides booked up on  the  Sitz Ranch. Fishing reservoirs or ponds in search of some nice fish, numbers, and clean water. The middle two ponds, which are usually pretty solid, were both high and slightly off color. Maybe someone whooped up on them yesterday because we just didn't see many fish in there and only hooked a few. Ended up rowing around the big lake, trolling  sinking lines and leeches in order to get some fish, which we did. Beautiful day out, but the bite should have been mo bettah.

Looking like  the lower tomorrow - which looks like something Bill Murray would drink in Caddyshack - so the hopes aren't too high. Looks like things are slowly dropping on the upper but not there yet.

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