Saturday, July 02, 2011

Feeling the mojo

Today was one of those classic Tobyisms enjoyed by all involved so follow along the wonderful winding road of piscatorial insanity which is my life.

Wake up and head to the shop. I got there early (never happens) so I decided to have me a sit down breakie at Mama Macs (no pics...sorry). One ginormous biscuit smothered in chunky, white sausage gravy - hold the hash browns. Was this today? Rick and I went over our battle plan, ending up with the decision that the shit water of the lower was the best call.

So, we met up with the clients and headed west. Got to warms springs and if there was an inch of viz I'd be lying. It looked like something downstream of the local craphouse in some city of 30 million in India. I think it even smelt like that too. Changed to plan B which was to make out way to the upper and deal with it is what it is and make the best of it.

Somewhere in between the pass and McAllister, my mind wondered. I made a call to a guy that I know that went to some no speakem creek a couple of days ago. I begged him for specifics, he said it was a bust - dirty as everything else. So plan C went into effect. The Ruby is too high and dirty...Plan D. What about Red Rock below Lima...dirty coming over the dam...plan E. Wade the Raynold's Pass area, it's Saturday, dirty, high and probably crowded...onto Plan F.

Now, I can't really say what we did end up doing but it was plan L or M. All this happened during 6 minutes of driving. I pull over and tell Rick what we're doing and he just looks at me with that googly eyed look he gives me when he thinks I have officially lost it. The clients thought it was a great idea so we gave it hell.

In the end, I made less money today than normal but we caught some fish in some clear water from a driftboat in Montana. That's a hard thing to do right now and I was home by 6.

The point of the story is that sometimes you have to think way outside the box and be willing to try something different. High water - especially this year - is a challenge and you can "embrace the mud" all you want but there comes a point when all your'e doing is whistling in the dark with all the bullshit talk. Folks are here to fish and paying hard earned money to do it - I know that all of us really appreciate that fact and really do go above and beyond the expected to make it work. I'm a little proud of me and Rick today as we really did pull the rabbit out of the hat today...while everyone was looking the other way.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the write up on this, its interesting to see how a busted trip works out from a guide's perspective. JGR