Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So much to say...

I could go on and on right now, but I won't. Things are good right now - with the exception of the wind - and all I'd go on about is how good they are. Not much negativity in my life these days - except for the wind thing. It was steady 30-35 today with gusts to 48.

Fished the lower for the first time in awhile and it was good considering the conditions. It's probably the best choice in the region right now and should be for a week or so. Flows are high enough to keep the fish "fresh" in the buckets while providing enough holding water in the skinny stuff for the bigger fish. There is a little color to it but not much...just enough to keep them from being to spooky (it's 2 and 3X water right now).

It's usually a weedy mess by now, but the higher flows and color have kept them down for now. It won't last too long over there though. There are weeds starting to green up in some of the skinny runs, so I bet we have a week to ten days before it gets to be bad in terms of floating weeds and developed weedbeds. I saw some floating weeds later in the afternoon, but not an issue yet.

Floaters are out, so you should plan accordingly to stay ahead of that whole thing...unless you are looking for the bikini hatch (starts around 11:00). It seems to me like there has been less and less well tanned women hanging out at Blacks Ford the last few days, that should improve though as the sun continues to shine on us here in SW Montana.

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