Monday, July 18, 2011


Fished downstream of Ennis today, things started ok but then it nuked and after awhile and it just got tough. Clients are good on the stick, but it's kind of hard to get much of a drift when trying to throw a bunch of junk into a 30 mph breeze. Also, there were quite a few honkies down there, so it was tough to tell if the holes were getting thumped on before we got to them. Also, I seem to have forgotten how to take a decent picture. And then I did leave my net on a bank and have to walk back upstream 1/2 mile. I like Minn Kota.

Things are getting cleaner around here. Think we'll be on the Yellowstone in 10 days, maybe sooner. The Gallatin is there. I am jacked up about getting on some very cool new water next week. So many choices.

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