Thursday, July 21, 2011


The wind finally quit blowing and everything was set up nicely for the final day with the last group of folks. Only problem was that flows came up a bit yesterday on the lower and the river was dirtier than it had been. We still had a decent day with a few good fish and a bunch of little guys. No idea what they're trying to accomplish by increasing flows right now but am sure there is some sort of mater plan...whatever.

Floating weeds are more noticeable around 1:00 but not much of an issue.

 I have one more day down here and then I'm going on a one of those adventures next week with another group. We'll be staying near Craig, but plan of fishing some small streams, the Blackfoot, Sun, and whatever other water we can find with trout in them. Should be  fun, but I hope the flows on the lower drop a little tonight so we can have a good day out there tomorrow.

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