Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bullwinkle and Friends

Made the weekly trek to the Jefferson today with exceedingly low expectations in place. Boats everywhere so we ended up on one of my less favorite pieces of water and found the fish to be on their typical behavior of randomly eating some bugs here and there. One fish on a nymph and everything else was on hoppers, so all in all not a bad day at all for the Jeff.

We did get some great sights of a bull moose lying in the river and a turkey vulture trying to figure out how to steal an osprey's dinner.

Heading to the stone tomorrow for some numbers and hopefully some size too. I've got a lot of fish on the Yellowstone so far this year, really haven't had a bad day over there as of yet. Probably tomorrow. Anyway, I've had all good days over there but just one fish over 20" so far. Tomorrow is that day, looking forward to it.

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