Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weed Free

Had a good day on the lower Madison today which was much needed by me as I've been running hard for awhile now and needed an easy day, close to home. We've been getting these "mini" cool fronts that have been coming through keeping the daytime temps in the 80's and nights down around 40. Not only is this great to be out in, but that little cool down keeps those fish active on the lower. Never had any tuber issues today and the weeds really weren't too bad even later in the day.

Wrapped up with an old dude I've been fishing with for many years yesterday. We've had an interesting relationship over the years and stuff gets said and done throughout the day that is pretty unbelievable. Every year is his last year, but he always seems to make it through the winter and back to Montana. He's 85 now and drives out from California to fish for a month or so around the region. Some years, I've prayed that it was his last, but the last few years have been different and I have to say that I hope he makes it out again next year. I misread him for several years and have come to appreciate that he is the quintessential fisherman that has loved to fish all his life. 

One of the things that I've come to appreciate this year is that I see shit everyday that you just can't make up! From hopper orgies, to boats pinned on bridges, to an amazing array of tangles, to those quiet moments working a fish or a run. This last week, I was fortunate enough to see an angler that loves to fish well...not for show or bragging rights but just for the hope of the tug and sight of a wild trout going this way and that. 

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