Saturday, August 13, 2011

Guiding a Guide

Had the chance to guide one of my guides and his father today. I've been fishing with them for 6 years now and he's in his 4 th year working for Fins & Feathers. Always a treat for me as his dad and I ride him all day and then he and I gang up on his dad. Today though, the bite was pretty good just about all day, so we really didn't have too much picking on anyone in terms of messing up the catching.

Steven dad is British and works in Poland. He's always got some great British lingo going on to make the day interesting. One year, the key phrase was getting on a "sticky wicket"...some cricket analogy to when you're in a pickle. Today, I learned that one of my favorite words comes from the phrase "fornicating under the consent of the king!" Who knew?
Anyway, besides that, the day was interesting enough as we had a decent hopper bite in the morning but it dies off around 11 or so. We switched to 2 stonefly nymphs, concentrated on the riffles and never looked back. Nothing big but lots of 12-16" fish pretty much all day.

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