Friday, August 12, 2011

Stone Hoppers & FTW

Fished down by Big Timber today with a late start to allow for recovery sleep from yesterday and hopes of finding fish eating hoppers once things warmed up. Got some much needed sleep and plenty of fish eating hoppers, so everything worked out perfectly.

The bite was good in faster water like riffles and pocket water banks, with a few fish coming out of deeper water. It should only get better as conditions continue to improve.
Tidbit of the day came from an old dude RV camping at Otter Creek. He suggested that I not step on the head of the rattlesnake he just killed. The snake head was in the water just next to the boat ramp with it's tongue sticking out. Apparently the still have venom in them, even when they're  dead. Good to know.


LB in Fort Worth said...

Is that BTW, bring the wife?

Toby Swank said...

No sir, that's for Ft. Worth as I was properly made aware of this spring! Was thinking about you guys yesterday and Karen needed a hat! Gald you saw it.