Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hoppers, Hammers, and Ninjas

Back on the Yellowstone today with slightly different conditions than we've seen in awhile...cloudy. Decent nymph bite in the morning and switched to hoppers later in the day. Did much better with a grand hopper today than the standard Moorish that I've been fishing.

I've been trying to stay ahead of all the other boats and it's been paying off as I've been finding plenty of dumb and hungry fish, glad I'm not number 10 going down through most of the water. Especially a day like today when they really weren't eating as well as they have been. I think being the first down a bank makes a big difference when less fish are eating.

Have tomorrow off and plan on doing some shop time as well as errands that are long overdue. Things like trailer lights, oil changes, boat cleaning, balance checkbook, pay bills, get a license plate for my trailer (it's been gone for a couple of weeks now), new guide stickers, photos, e-mail newsletter, and work on the October guide schedule.

I might even try to sleep in a little bit. Today's sunrise was really pretty and I hope that I'm not awake long enough to see it go down!

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