Friday, August 19, 2011

Horn Hopper Hos U Nose

Volumes could be written about the last 3 days of guiding around SW Montana. The fishing was essentially ridiculous at times and a little too good at others. Did the Yellowstone on Wednesday and found fish happy to eat a hopper all day. The Big Horn the last 2 days where they ate worms in the a.m. and hoppers in the p.m.
Ahh, but is the lessons in life that come to one with subtlety that are the meat of life. Those came too and will be shared at a later date.
So , sticking to things of a more frivolous nature as I am exhausted and have little interest in bearing the true essence of my humanity at this time...I have identified the root of the hopper plague in the photos below. The second one is a "hopper trois." I tried to capture some of these whore hoppers and bring them with me to release along the lower, but they all died along the way. Filthy critters.

Camped out on the Big Horn and did a little night photo of the moon rising too.
Back to the Murdison or Yellerstone tomorrow.

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