Monday, August 29, 2011

One More Day Off

Had another day off today and am back at it for a week or so tomorrow. It has been great to have some time off; got to spend a couple of days on the water with both family and friends. Strange how worn out I was 4 days ago and now I feel like it's been a whole year since I guided last.

Anyway, headed to the Jeff today with Jones and John for a nice easy day with very low expectations. She did not disappoint! We got our obligatory 7 fish and headed for the ramp to beat the incoming storm. It is a strange river that Jefferson...he must have been a crap president!

Saw a black bear sow and 2 cubs that got hit by a car on I-90 near Baker Creek this morning. It was pretty sad and it got my mind wondering a little about why I feel bad for animals that get hit by vehicles. On one hand, you've got the whole survival of the fittest thing going on but on the other hand, dodging cars really isn't part of their genetic makeup.

Not to sound too fuzzy...but sometimes I wonder if maybe I take that survival of the fittest attitude as a work around to the guilt for the way we've kind of messed up the natural world. Hardly a day goes by during which I'm not amazed by the fact that Lewis and Clark came through this relatively unsettled and pristine countryside less than 200 years ago. I wonder if they had any idea how quickly things would change?

Ok Ok...I'll stop. The bear should have looked both ways and should not have been walking in between Belgrade and Manhattan on the interstate with her kids!

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