Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Upper...what do you think?

Felt the "love" this morning and along with that came that unmistakable call of the upper Madison. Today was to be the day when all bets were off and fish would impale themselves on anything we threw at them.  But then again...it is the upper Madison and reality set in before we got to Macatee.

I always like being the first one to the boat ramp but I don't know that's such a good sign at the end of August at Macatee around 9:30 in the morning. Ended up being another boat putting in there though and they knew what they were doing...4 people all wearing waders piling into a RO Deville with out of state plates.

The dinks were eating little dries just fine but we had helluva time getting anything to eat nymphs and it was windy enough that dries were a little bit of a challenge. We ended up squeaking a decent day out of it once I cut all the accessories off some foam hoppers and added a split shot and an indicator. They ate that alright.

That was kind of serendipitous as Charlie wrote a blog post on our website about fishing drowned hoppers today. I haven't done that in several years, but I used to all the time, my favorite rig was a big MFC  foam hopper with a Henry's Fork hopper about 2 feet below with a size 6 split shot on it's nose. Deadly at times but in recent years I've become more of a one dry guy, opting for the nymph rig when I want to nymph. I do have some scruples.

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