Monday, August 08, 2011

Today and Tomorrow

Have the guys from Colton Bay Outfitters in Ann Arbor here for the next few days. We did the lower Madison today and it was ok, not great, not bad. Weeds are getting thick in the afternoon and temps are up there too so the bite slowed down around 2-3 and was never really that great all day long.

No big fish today, but I did get the opportunity to work on my surgeons and blood knot skills.  Also got to work on my patience which is always a worthy exercise. Also was reminded that it helps to bend the old elbow when making a cast. Also was reminded that hoppers should float and if a hopper that is 100% foam is sinking...there's probably some drag going on because foam floats.

Heading to that place with no name tomorrow. I like places with no name. It's not that places with no names are any big secrets, but most of those places already have enough folks that know their names so we really don't need more people mentioning those names as that leads to too much name dropping. As we are all basically monkeys...humans can be inquisitive. So, when we have a bunch of monkeys running around looking for piscatorial shangra la, some of them are bound to dumb into some of those no name places. So, it's better that we just don't mention these names and mislead through lies and deception. That isn't hard for any fisherman and other fisherman just assume that it's all cool. Thus, I'm going to the pond by the mall tomorrow to fish. See your monkeyness there.

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tom from mo said...

i have never been the recipient of a toby led trip to a nameless place. let me guess, scott is fishing tomorrow??