Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Upper Madison is OK

Spent the day in the beautiful Madison Valley surrounded by the awe inspiring peaks of the Madison Range on one side and the subtle splendor of the Gravelly Range behind us. This remarkable landscape would be truly breathtaking if not for the 50 miles of ditch water running right through the heart of it! Yes, I fished the upper today and it was "as advertised."

Truth be told, it wasn't too bad. Nymphed most of the day and found some fish here and there, enough so that it ended alright. Had a few refusals on hoppers by some decent fish and saw lots of dinkers coming up to take a look. Steady enough bite to keep everyone interested an hopeful.

Looking for rising fish tomorrow for this video thing some guys are shooting. Been a challenge in that the only real rise we have right now is on Tricos and they are just getting started on the EG. Tried to get some no name spring creeks lined up, but everything fell through at the 11th hour. So, it's off to the other glorified irrigation ditch in between Helena and Great Falls in search of steady risers. Hopefully it all works out as its rainy and windier than crap here right now!
Whitefish Rock


Jones said...

Feel for ya bud. Tough life floating that "ditch" through a beautiful mountain valley. You're fishing (well rowing anyway) for wild trout in one of the most famous rivers in the world, get off your high horse.

Toby Swank said...

I Probably shouldn't complain so much.