Thursday, August 11, 2011

different day

Long day today in search of rising trout for some video footage. We're kind of in between hatches around here right now and we were looking for some steady risers. Tried to get some spring creeks lined up the last few weeks but nothing seemed to work out, so in the end it was up to the MO we go. Left town at 6 and just got back home at 12:30 tonight. Some triocs in the morning and found dome rising fish until noon, were able to get the footage they wanted so all was well. We stuck around up there until dark, hoping for some late evening madness. There were lots of fish coming up but we couldn't get it sorted out, no idea why we couldn't get 'em. Tried lots of PMD's and Caddis over them but they just kept on eating everything except out flies. Fun day and I did get the chance to fish with Tom Rosenbauer who is as good a guy and he is angler.

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