Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This blog thing is a pain in the ass sometimes. I have nothing of sustenance to add to anyone's lives today in terms of angling knowledge or experience. Don't really even have too much to complain about, except that it is too hot for this time of year.

I've been relishing the fact that I now have an office it what has been affectionately nicknamed the "V Room." The name comes from one of the many artifacts left over by the Tattoo guys that used to occupy the space. Had to buy a new laptop and get a network installed so the computers can talk to each other at work. Should make life much easier for everyone, plus I now have  a place in the world in which I can hide. Going through years of unopened statements, insurance notices, licensing crap, etc. and filing them away in file folders...crazy what a little space does.

Might get out for a fish on the Gallatin tomorrow afternoon. Need to reshoot an image I took a year ago as people "in the know" really dig it, but say the angler should be wearing a vest...poor neuman and the slippery slope he has to walk.

So, as I don't have too much value to add, here's a pic I posted a year or two ago that I took while taking the kids trick or treating in some little town in Ohio. Before you look and get mad at me for making you look...I apologize as it does show poor judgement on my part and has nothing to do with anything that anyone could ever hope to gain from reading the blog...except a laugh or two and who couldn't use that?


JT said...


Fishing, philosophy or forlorn hopes - especially amusing ones - it's all good stuff. Keep it up, if you'll pardon the phrase!

Pity I'm not doing what I'm meant to be doing today, hope you have some great fish.

Toby Swank said...

I know it man! today was to be that day that U don't charge you for too! Hope that you are well and look forward to seeing you sooner rather than later.