Monday, September 26, 2011

Looking Ahead

Getting caught up around the shop today which actually means supervising the guys as they count away on the fly inventory. Critical part of the biz as we take a complete physical inventory, compare it to last years count, add what we ordered to that and use the differences to predict orders for 2012. Plus have to figure out which pattern get to go to fly hell to make room for new patterns.

Weather continues to be off the hook nice for this time of year. Will be on the water a couple of days this week and most of next week, and hoping for some cloudy weather to get the streamer bite going strong.

I will be heading over to the Bighorn for two days in October (18-19) and am looking to book a few days over there on the front side of that trip if anyone is interested in some fall fishing over there with me. Available dates would be Oct 14-17, $400/day. I usually have folks stay at the Absaraka Fishing Bear Cabins near Ft. Smith and they do have some availability at this time (around $150/night per cabin).

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