Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Looking Ahead

Good to be home and spend a day in the shop fro a change. Most of it, however, was spent sitting in the office looking at bank accounts, e-mails, and some new product for next year. Starting the process of taking a look at everything for the year and making plans for next year already.

Back on the water around here for the next few days and looking forward to it. Hell, I might even enjoy the upper Madison again. Seeing and fishing new water is always great, but there's nothing like being on our home waters...something that's easy to take for granted. I grew up spending a lot of time on a pretty good-sized lake in Texas and I'm sure I could go back there 20 years later and find the same coves and underwater humps I obsessed over what seems a lifetime ago now. One thing I never forget is the good days, conditions, and places.

The upper generally starts to fish well again this time of year with the cooler nights getting the BWO's and random larger Mayflies active. Overcast days usually make for a good streamer bite up there this time of year and don;t forget about the oft-overlooked worm bite. Always a frustrating day to be had up there, but you it's better than whacking whities on the Yellowstone all day.

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