Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ups to the Upper

Steven and I headed up to the upper for a bit of exploration this afternoon and found some fish that were bigger than a hot dog and had spots on them. Hard to believe, but it's true. Now it was a long way from being good but just as far away from being bad too. Got a couple fish to eat worms but mostly we found fish rising behind rocks and in seams to small attractor patterns like humpies and wulffs.

My windshield was completely covered in bug splats coming home and, after further inspection, it was discovered that they were flying ants. There were some BWO's out, along with a surprising number of caddis and it seemed like some fish were just looking up for a change over there.

Seems like things have been erratic around here the last couple of weeks as cold nights and shorter days bring the bugs back out and the fish make the switch from hoppers back to aquatic bugs. We're just a cloudy day away from having some very good fishing just about everywhere. I think that fish are spookier this time of year on sunny days as the angle of the sun sets a little bit lower than just a few weeks ago. I've noticed (from fishing in NZ) that fish become exponentially more spooky later in the day once the sun starts to drop a bit. Makes sense as shadows are longer, profiles more pronounced, and movement is easier to pick up in the sidelight. Just a thought.

She's calling you Tom...the upper Madison that is..."give it to me one more time..."


mo tom said...

in order for the upper to give it to me one more would have had to give it to me once before.

i am a bear trap canyon kind of guy with a little lower and ynp mixed in.

Toby Swank said...

That's a reasonable argument but I was thinking that it was the river looking for the getting and you doing the giving. You've definitely given it before.